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Cabo Transportation

Shuttle Services and Private Transfers in Cabo

Cabo has a number of different transportation options to get you to points in San Jose del Cabo, the Corridor and Cabo San Lucas to the East Cape, Cerritos and Todos Santos and even to La Paz. Here we list a number of public transportation and private transportation options.

You can pay in advance for one-way or round trip private airport transfers. Transportation companies in Los Cabos offer recent model vehicles for all group sizes with bilingual drivers. They are professional and courteous and always happy to explain about the history of Cabo s they drive you to your destination, you can rent vehicles by the hour, by the day or maybe just for point to point transfers.  *IMPORTANT: By Federal regulations all private transportation services must be requested, booked and paid for with at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute bookings are most likely not accepted by any company (unless you work a cash deal).

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo offersa Public Transportation system that runs from the Airport (SJD) all the way to Cabo San Lucas (Cerritos, Todos Santos and La Paz also!) The bus fares vary according to your destination, with the highest range being just above $3.00 usd per person. Using the Public Bus sometimes means walking from your Hotel to the Highway, as buses do not enter Hotel development but only stop alongside of the road. Some Hotels are 5 to 20 minute hikes from the main road. The buses run from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, so make sure to catch the last one or you might have to take a taxi home.  Helpful Tip: Most drivers speak English so you can request to be dropped off at a specific place as you board, bus drivers are friendly as well and will make sure you do not miss your stop. 

You can request Taxi Cabs at your Hotel´s lobby; they are available 24/7 and will be happy to drive you wherever you want to go. Just realize that their rates can be a bit high sometimes, if you are traveling with a family/group larger than 4 people, they will charge the standard price for 4 people and charge per extra person in addition to where the final destination is. Most taxi cabs in Cabo are Ford vans and can hold up to 10 people comfortably. While in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, you can always flag a cab down or look for the Taxi Base located in major streets and avenues. At any bar or restaurant they will be happy to call one for you if need be. We recommend to ALWAYS ask the cab driver the final price to your destination before getting in the cab and have cash on hand as they do not take credit cards. Remember the exchange rate for Pesos Vs. USD too. **Helpful tip: Always memorize the color and number of the cab, in case you forget something on board. They will be happy to return it. 

Hertz logo 125x125 Driving in Cabo is just like driving in any busy City. It is recommended to purchase insurance offered by the Car Rental company unless your credit card will cover it. As in the US, Canada and other countries pedestrians always have the right of way, unless it´s an avenue or boulevard. There are stoplights and stop signs visible for guidance, anytime that you feel lost, turn on your blinkers, carefully pull over to the side of the road and ask for directions. Locals are always happy to help. (Save 5% on Payless Car Rentals) GPS and Satellite guidance sometimes has errors on the way the streets go, so if you see the back of sign or the back of vehicles, chances are you are going the wrong way. If at any point you get pulled over by the cops they will request your documentation and a valid driver´s license, if the cop does not speak English and cannot understand you, request assistance for an English speaking cop. The Police in Mexico are not allowed to receive any cash as form of fine or ticket payment. They will take your license plate or driver´s license away and give you a ticket. Then you have to go to the Police Station (they can escort you) and pay the fine to the cashiers. Gas stations in Cabo accept cash and credit card payments, it is recommended to NOT use a debit card, if your car is of recent model make sure to get premium gas (it’s the one with the red / rojo label) and the attendant will fill the tank to the requested amount. Here in Mexico gas stations are not self-service, most likely the attendant will wash your windshield and ask if you need any oil or engine fluids as a part of their service. *Helpful Tip: Use common sense and drive safe, just like any other tourist destination there are many weary travelers on the road be on the lookout for the other guy. Always do complete stops at stop signs and non-lighted intersections. When in doubt make a complete stop. Offer: Save 15% Off Weekend Car Rentals - Use PC# 105151

In the heart of Cabo San Lucas you will find the Harley-Davidson Store, located inside the Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall. As an official store it offers full service for Harley-Davidson´s owners such as full body and engine repair shop, official merchandise, souvenirs, clothing line and Motorcycles of course. Part of their service is motorcycle rentals by the day or week. Of course you will need to prove that you can handle one of these monsters motorcycles.

Here in Cabo you will find several providers who rent out Scooters by the hour or full day. This mean of transportation is fun to get around and get to know the surrounding areas, driving a scooter requires middle to high level experience, so we recommend that you always be careful and wear the protective gear provided. Make sure to bring a map or mobile GPS and don´t venture into town, it may not be as easy to find your way back to the Downtown area. And never under any circumstance try to ride scooters on the highway. Providers will require valid driver´s licence and credit card to keep on file as insurance. Be safe and enjoy the ride!

You will find Bicycle Taxis all over the Down Town area, these gentleman will take you around in a bicycle carriage type which can accommodate up to three people, often times you will see people having so much fun on them that they challenge others to a race!

As odd as it may sound, there is a Horse Carriage Ride service in Cabo San Lucas. The carriage has enough room to comfortably transport 6 people. The tour happens in the Downtown area of Cabo San Lucas and it goes on for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your selected package. You can also bring drinks on board and take some amazing photos of the Cabo area.

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