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Sending Money Online

Mexico Peso Exchange Rates

Mexican PesoThe exchange rate in Cabo varies every day, banks and exchange houses will have the official government rates, businesses and street vendors usually make up their own rate. Most locals will accept USD or Canadian or MXN. Other currencies will not generally be accepted. Rates varying from $12 to $17 Pesos per US Dollar with Canadian currency will be at around $13 to $15. How do I figure out the most recent rate? We prefer Google to do the USD to MXN exchange or Canadian to MXN exchange. When traveling back home make sure you have spent all of your Pesos unless a currency exchange at the connecting airport or your local bank will buy them back from you. Remember, all money exchange businesses are in business to make money. You will never likely get the actual exchange rate the market trades at.

Some of the best places to do currency exchange are the following in our order of preference:

Sending Money Online: there are a number of ways to send loved ones or yourself money online for your next trip to Cabo. Western Union allows you to send money from a store location or online 24/7. MoneyGram's service works very much the same either online or at locations worldwide. A new service (that we like a lot ) is XOOM, a PayPal company. Simple app and funding happens for most amounts in minutes or by business day end.

Local Bank - best bet is to plan accordingly and order money from your local bank. Depending on where you live every major banking firm will either have on hand or can order the currency you need with ample time. If you are a customer (hold accounts there) you have the best chance to pay next to no fees in the exchange.

International Currency Exchange - most major airport that are connecting internationally will have one or a few of these branded currency exchanges in terminals or main hub. You usually are charged a fee and this can be waived if you do over a certain amount, usually $1,100 USD. You'll get a better exchange rate but not the actual exchange rate. 

SJD Airport - once you pass through customs at the baggage pick-up is the currency exchange. They are aware of arrivals and have the staff to accommodate so if there is a rush you are not waiting for 1 teller. You'll need your passport out and expect to loose 1-2 points on the USD exchange here. Last ditch effort if you didn't do this at home but I would advise to do here first than anywhere else in Cabo.

Xchange, Hotel & ATM - you'll see a lot of ATM's around Cabo San Lucas at the marina as well in San Jose del Cabo. Best bet is to use bank-owned ATM's and in reputable places like malls, grocery store like Mega and near popular places. We recommend Monex Financial or  Sterling Money Exchange (both local to Cabo).You'll pay a significant exchange and fee and can usually choose USD or MXN as currency. Most major resorts and hotels will have ATM machines or will exchange at the front desk and will charge a premium rate.

Mexican Banks - Another viable place to exchange money if you like lines and not a native speaker are excited with conversational language challenges. Most banks will also have 2-4 ATM's in their entrance and have Spanish or English options. 

In the end use your best judgement. There are ATM's all over and you can chose on on the street or in a reputable area / location. If it feels like a scam, or a bad machine, chances are it just might be bricking your card (this does happen). Be smart, be safe.

Most resorts and many businesses will take major credit cards in Cabo, Visa and Master Card being the most popular. Be ready though as some businesses only take cash as a method of payment. Always make sure to ask beforehand if Credit Cards are accepted and if they accept your preferred credit card. American Express is not as widely accepted as Visa or MC is.  You can always use ATM´s (we recommend official bank ATM´s) which will charge an international transaction fee for every cash withdrawal or just for checking your balance. Avoid street ATM´s, as they sometimes charge outrageous fees and are not always in optimal working conditions. Some of the banks in Cabo are Banorte, Banamex, BBVA, Bancomer, Santander, Scotiabank and HSBC.

It's a good idea to have an certain amount of cash on hand to buy things and tip. If you venture further away from the tourist areas you can really find some hidden gems - restaurants and merchants that you would not find close to the tourist zone. Some of the best meals and amazing art and gifts can be found and many, won't accept credit cards.

While in Cabo many people would rather have family meals in their Hotel or Villa, if this is the case you can always buy groceries for the time of your stay, if your hotel is equipped with a kitchenette, this is the perfect option to economize while on vacation. There are big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Mega, Soriana and even Costco. Of course you can always go out and get a taste of the true Baja flavors at many of the local restaurants, you decide if you want to try internationally-known award-wining restaurants or the favorite spots for local people and frequent Cabo visitors, you´ll be surprised of the things you will find.

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