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Posted by Pure Cabo Concierge on 04/25/2016

Cabo San Lucas Tours

Cabo San Lucas Tours

In simple words, Cabo San Lucas is natural wonders. Located right at the edge of Baja California SUR, Mexico, it is the place where all sorts of amazement from simple sunbathing at the beach, view of marine life, adventures, to some wild nights are stacked-up into one big pile of excitements. Popularly known for its windy beaches, the place was hit by a force of hurricane in 2014, but you wouldn’t even notice that now. Everything about Cabo San Lucas is exciting to tell; in that case, you will need a long weekend to taste every bit of fun in the place. An ideal Cabo San Lucas tour goes more or less like this.

Grand Scenery of Whales

Starting as a humble placid fishing village, Cabo San Lucas has grown into one of the world’s famous spots to witness not only the usual affair of big fishes, but also the majestic views of the ocean’s giants: whales. Cabo San Lucas is one of very few places on Earth where you can get up close and experience the excitement of standing beside the true giant. Humpback whales are the most common to see, but there are occasional sightings of Bryde’s whales, Minke whales, as well as Orcas. There are a number of popular whale watching tours that happen every day and most can accommodate groups from two people up to 50 people with lunch or dinner. The best time to mingle with these gentle giants is between December and March every year.

ATV Off-Road Adventures

When watery environment makes you miss solid grounds, Cabo San Lucas offers an extensive range of enjoyment such as the fun and challenging, family-friendly ATV tours. As a matter of fact, ATV's and RZR's are one of the best way to explore every corner of the beautiful desert and Pacific beaches. ATV Tours are available for one person or group and many include transportation from your hotel, resort or villa to and from the activity. These are 3-4 hours long, guided and really a fun and safe activity for the whole family.

Cabo's Beaches

From about a dozen or more beaches in Cabo San Lucas, there are two peculiar ones you should visit at least once in a lifetime: the Lover’s Beach and the Divorce Beach (be sure to read the article on Cabo's Top 10 Beaches). The former is a strip of virgin environment accessible only by Panga. Once you get there, however, it is easy to find kayak. You may also need to bring lunch or have a boatman pick you up after several hours or so. On the other hand, Divorce beach is on the Pacific side where you can witness the sunsets into the largest ocean on Earth. Keep a safe distance from the beach line because the currents can be dangerous at times.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Moving away from the beaches to about 25 minutes of driving distance into the town, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo both offers another once-in-a-lifetime excitement of swimming with dolphins. We provide different swimming programs so everyone in the family can have great times playing with the wonderful creatures. This is a great activity for children 5 years old and above and will be an experience that they will never forget.

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